About Us
Woodward’s Tree Service Inc. offers tree care for customers in Greenville, NC and the surrounding areas of Pitt County. Our areas of expertise include the removal of trees that threaten your property, tree trimming and pruning, and stump removal and grinding. When you need your lot cleared of trees, branches or stumps, we’re happy to help. 

Woodward’s Tree Service Inc. is locally owned and operated and available at anytime for emergency tree removal services. Our services are all done in an efficient, professional manner. These services can help to save trees as well as your property. We can remove trees or branches that are damaged or diseased and keep them from falling on top of people or property. Contact Woodward’s Tree Service Inc. to help your property stay beautiful and unharmed. 
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality tree care in a professional manner. Our primary focus is providing safe and efficient removal of undesired, dead, or dangerous trees in residential areas. We are here to serve you with selective tree removal and lot clearing. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we strive to complete each job by providing excellent cleanup.
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