Tree Removal
Woodward’s Tree Service Inc.’s tree removal services include expert wood chipping and stump grinding treatments. Our tree removal services become necessary when trees begin to die. While it will take several years for trees to fully die, branches will begin dying, especially near the top. This is when we can begin tree pruning or limb removal services to get rid of these potentially dangerous branches, which can either fall or begin to infect other areas of the tree.

When branch trimming or pruning isn’t enough to save a tree, Woodward’s Tree Service Inc. can safely remove these trees or stumps and provide full cleanup of your lot. We use a John Deere tractor to quickly and efficiently remove all debris from your yard. We are also able to grind down stumps into mulch to be used for your landscaping. The trees we take away from your lot can be split for use as firewood, too. 
Woodward’s Tree Service Inc.’s professional tree removal and trimming services are available for both residential and commercial customers. Not only can we come out to trim, cut, and remove trees, as well as grind stumps, we can also completely clear your site of branches and debris and help you cleanup after a storm. 

You cannot beat the expert, experienced service at Woodward’s Tree Service Inc. We make sure your property is in pristine condition moving forward without dying trees, falling branches, or annoying tree stumps. You can count on us for emergency services whenever a tree issue threatens your property or your safety. We are here to put you at ease. 
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